When are we living our life?

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If we ask ourselves about what exactly living life is then I am sure that not many people might have an answer to that question. I’m totally clueless as well.

But if we see the way our life has evolved over the years and from the point in life where we were just playing cricket endlessly until the sunset at the end of the day and the street lights are switched on to the time where we just don’t get out of our houses for normal walks and even if we occasionally do, we time it to minutes and seconds just in case we get tired because of the additional few seconds and a few more meters that we walk or run.

We are preoccupied with thoughts, things, goals and social media that we hardly have the time to breathe or just to concentrate our minds on our breathing. We are constantly hustling, both, the people working for 9–12 hours a day and the person who’s just at home doing nothing for 16 hours in a day. We give away way too much for things that are instantaneous attention-grabbing ice-candies that will eventually wane away into desolation.

I am a prime example for both the above-mentioned species of people. I sometimes hustle with my academics, reading and writing all in the same day and some days I just laze around doing nothing but just scroll through hours of social media feed.

How can we tackle this peculiar trait of us not giving time for ourselves to do things that aid in the betterment of our mental health or peace which in turn will keep us in good stead?

What do you think is lacking in us? Or what do we have in abundance that we don’t want to look away from the things that are trying to pull us from doing actually simple things?

We are a generation of nincompoops just relishing the shortlived desirable lives in paper towns, who fail to realize that most of what we do accounts to an equivalent value of a big scary zero.




Passionate Writer. I love Movies, TV shows, Sports, Cooking, Adventures, Life & Love. Procrastination specialist.

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Rajiv Nair

Rajiv Nair

Passionate Writer. I love Movies, TV shows, Sports, Cooking, Adventures, Life & Love. Procrastination specialist.

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